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Indoor Soccer - Coed Rules & Regulations    

All Youth & Adult** Leagues play by standard FIFA Rules and shin guards are mandatory. 

Adult Leagues All adult games are played as 8v8 format. Any team failing to field a team of at least 6 players by the start of the game will automatically forfeit.  Additionally, each team is allowed a maximum of 3 “borrowed” players from another team(s) within the same or lower division.  Guest players are unlimited.   Too clarify; the 6 players can be a combination of rosteredguest, and a maximum of 3 borrowed players.  Coed teams are required to have no less than 3 females on the field at all times. This count includes a female goaltender.  “X” number of missing females results in playing shorthanded “X” number of players.  Any game-day discrepancies will be handled by the opinion of the active manager.

In the event of a forfeit due to a lack of players, teams are encouraged to mix-up under a friendly scrimmage format.  Keep in mind the result of match will still be recorded as a forfeit regardless of the scrimmage’s outcome. Under no circumstances may a team borrow players from a higher division.  Doing so will result in an automatic forfeit.  This policy is in place to keep things fun, fair, and friendly for everyone involved.

Team Forfeits will result in a $100 fine to the team.  Ultimate Soccer Arenas will work to reschedule any games with conflicts.

**Adult Leagues  

- No Offside

- No Slide Tackle

- Substitutions on the fly 

**Co-ed League 

3 Females required on the field at all times. 



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